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Here are some pictures taken at various shows. More pictures are on the way and I will
update often to bring you the latest and up to date images.

Thanks for looking,


Comedy Connection, Boston Annette Pollack
John Perrota
Mikey Flynn (Flynzo)


Girl's from CC, E. Prov. Thurston & KU
Mad Dog
Jason Tobin


Greg Howell Bowness, Whitman, David
Greg Howell
Mark Scanlon


PJ & Brian The crew @ the Green Room
Deric Bender
Owen Bowness


Eric & Santorelli Cast & crew
Esther "Ku"
Alvin David


Eddie & Debbie John Perrota
Eddie Galvin @ Officer's Club, Newport Naval Base
Me All Dressed Up


PJ & Al Wildnites
@ Officer's Club, Newport Naval Base


Lauren & Eddie City Stream
Larry Myles
Last night @ the Green Room


Nick's Comedy Connection
Nick's in Boston Comedy Connection, Boston


Helen's Cafe Rhodes Pierre
Paul D'Angelo @ St. John's
granddaughter, Morgan & wife, Cheryl


Rhodes Pierre
P.J. Thibodeau @ St. John's


Mitch Stinson Hiker
Mark Riley @ St. John's
Owen Bowness @ St. John's


Nick's Comedy Stop Courtney's
John Moses @ St. John's
Eric Hoffer @ St. John's


John the Waiter Mad Dog
Buddy Flip @ Cleary's Frank Del Pizzo @ Cleary's


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